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Legendary Herbs specializes in premium granule extracts for licensed practitioners (no sales to the public).  Legendary Herbs is a small family company guided by expertise and ethical values, and we aim to bring truly distinctive herbal products to Western practitioners.

Our supplier, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, was China's first GMP-certified granule facility, and they are the largest granule supplier for TCM hospitals in China.  Our granules are made using extremely high-quality raw herbs that are sourced directly from established growers and daodi production regions, resulting in superior extracts that come out remarkably like a decoction. 

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  At Legendary Herbs, we only sell wholesale ingredients to licensed practitioners that apply additional processing and utilize one-on-one consultations. We do not sell any products to the public or end consumer. All of our products are exclusively sold as ingredients for further processing by trained professionals. Any links to articles are purely academic in content and are not associated with any of our products.  All statements found herein have not been evaluated by the FDA, and none of our products are intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.  
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