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Our professional corner has a variety of articles for practitioners and the public alike, although the emphasis is on advanced material that is only comprehensible to fully trained practitioners of Chinese medicine. This material is generally derived from texts, published articles, and lecture notes created by our founder Eric Brand.

Check back frequently, as this material is frequently updated.

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Articles available for download (PDF format):

Global Trends in Concentrated Extracts

The Art of Ginseng:
Chicken Soups for All Seasons

A Brief History of Pathomechanisms

Ginseng Quality Discernment

Eric's Pacific Symposium Notes (comparative sections on modern and traditional GYN diseases)

Eric’s Response to 2008 Thieme Almanac Article on Shen

Thieme Almanac 2008 Article on Granules

Appendix from Concise Chinese Materia Medica (Quick Reference Based on TCM Disease)

Quick Acupuncture Reference for Gynecology
(Point prescriptions based on the awesome scholarship of Wiseman and Feng, taken from their essential text A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, by
Paradigm Publications

Class Notes:
Herbal formula notes (PCOM Herbs 4 notes), deep source nasal congestion (Bi Yuan), cough and lung abscesslung distention, and stomach pain

Nigel Wiseman's English-Chinese Complete Terminology Glossary- This is a masterpiece of over 25 years of world-class scholarship.  Nigel Wiseman created, for the first time, a comprehensive approach for translating Chinese medical Chinese literature into English.  His terminology system is the largest and most complete system ever created; it has been used to translate hundreds of professional books and articles spanning both classical and modern literature, and it played an important role in the World Health Organization's (WHO) terminology standards for Chinese medical diagnosis and ICD-11 codes.  This PDF file contains over 30,000 terms used in Chinese medicine, and it the singlemost important reference work for all professional TCM translators.  All the terms within it can be found in the essential reference work "A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine."

Readers interested in translation and terminology might also like this link to the World Health Organization's international standard terminology for Traditional East Asian Medicine (free PDF).

In addition, I help maintain a daily blog at the website of Blue Poppy Enterprises.  In addition to running Legendary Herbs, I work as an author, lecturer, and quality control specialist for Blue Poppy.  Besides the blog, I often travel to do lectures and will be posting free webinars on  the website

I am archiving some of my favorite blog posts here for easy navigation.  To see the full selection of blog posts and to stay current with the Blue Poppy blog, visit the following link:

Selected articles from my blog:

Global ADR Reporting Trends in Chinese Medicine

The Dynamic Evolution of Pulse Diagnosis

Chinese Medical Devices in Taiwan

The Influence of Chinese Medicine on Taiwanese Food

The Influence of Chinese Herbal Medicine on the Food of Hong Kong

Evidence-Based Medical Trends in Chinese Medicine

The Herbal Markets of Guangzhou (Part One)

The Herbal Markets of Guangzhou (Part Two)

Chinese Medicine in the Taiwanese Healthcare System

Xi Xin and Aristolochic Acid

How Much is in a Qian?

History Tidbits

Meet the Modern Masters: Dr. Zhao Zhongzhen

When Did Chinese Medicine Discover Sexual Transmission as a Vector of Disease?

Fillers and Allergens in Granules

Commonly Confused Medicinals

The Art of Formula Combining

The Interesting Situation with San Qi

Dextrin vs. Starch in Granules

Clinical Tips from Taiwan on Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture Technique

Oolong Tea

Will Chinese Herbal Medicine Survive in Europe?

Compounding Granules and cGMP Law

Chi Shao vs. Bai Shao

Bing Lang Culture

What Are Marker Compounds?

Full-Spectrum Extracts vs. Standardized Extracts

Materia Medica Gems from the Qing Dynasty

Some Interesting Historical Changes in Pathomechanisms

Links to Articles by Prof. Zhao Zhongzhen

Basics in Red Ginseng Quality Differentiation

Herbal Product Labeling in Canada

What is the Difference Between Ren Shen and Dang Shen?

Meet the Modern Masters: Prof. Chang Hsien-Cheh

Wild Huang Qi (Astragalus)

Authentic Dong Yang Shen

On Ling Zhi

Thoughts on the Classics

Different Grades of Chuan Bei Mu

Differentiating Chuan Bei Mu and Ping Bei Mu

Cultivated Cordyceps

Fake Cordyceps

Real Cordyceps

Xi Xin Roots

Are You Using the Correct Fang Ji?

By the Numbers: A Brief History of Chinese Medical Formulas

A Favorite Winter Beverage

Chinese Herbs in Canada

Making Relationships with Chinese Contacts

Xue Jie and Endometriosis

Chinese Medicine and Dairy

Are Board Exam Lists Limiting the Field?

Modular Approaches to Formula Combining: Gui Zhi Tang

Modular Approaches to Formula Combining: Er Chen Tang

Modular Approaches to Formula Combining: Si Ni San

Consistency in Concentration Ratios

The Influence of Excipients on Concentration Ratios

Understanding Concentration Ratios

TCM Actions of Tea

Berkeley Botanical Gardens

How to Buy Authentic Korean and Japanese Ginseng

PCOS and Treatments Based on the Menstrual Cycle

Vomiting in Pregnancy

The Two Forms of Huang Qin

Dining with the Movers and Shakers in Washington

Shi Xue-Min on Needle Rotation

Shi Xue-Min on Acupuncture Research and Treatment Frequency

Hats Off to Philippe Sionneau!

Interesting Facts About the Bronze Acupuncture Statue

On Chuan Niu Xi

On Wu Wei Zi

What is the Difference Between Fortifying the Spleen and Supplementing the Spleen?

The Virtues of Digital Patient Records

Is Your Astragalus Really Astragalus?

More on Wang Bu Liu Xing Substitutes

Medicinals That Lack Consensus in Terms of Categorization

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San: For Cold or Heat?

True Wild Ginseng

Very Well-Done Fake Wild Ginseng

Amazing Stats on Jia Wei Xiao Yao San

True Fu Ping

Data on Taiwanese Prescription Trends

Translation Styles in Chinese Medicine

Western Megacorporations and Chinese Medicine

Authenticity in Chinese Medicine 101: Correcting Errors in Basic Textbooks

True Wang Bu Liu Xing 

Great Recipe for Blood-Nourishing Herbal Liquor

Li Shi-Zhen and the Ben Cao Gang Mu

On Granule Dosage

On the Concise Chinese Materia Medica

Chinese Medicine and Male Pattern Baldness

California Acupuncture Board Reduces Herbal Portion

Ice and Menstruation

Chinese Medicine and Thai Massage

OTC Herbal Products in Thailand

Understanding Pinyin

Roy Upton and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

Great TCM Websites

Tropical Fruits and TCM

Advice on Learning Chinese

Medicinal Moxa Cakes for Endometriosis

EBM and TCM: Research on Tongue Diagnosis

Clinical Issues in Translation: Sinews and the Liver

Where Men Historically Thought to Be More Prone to Sexual Taxation?

Major Historical Developments in TCM Gynecology

Ginseng, Coffee, Herb-Drug Interactions and Evidence-Based Medicine

Uterine Fibroids and TCM

On the Concept of Spirit in Chinese Medicine

On Nigel Wiseman and Practical Dictionary Terminology

Common Counterfeits in Chinese Herbal Medicine

New Acupuncture Techniques in China

Interesting Data on Aristolochic Acid and Medicinal Use in Taiwan

Commonly Confused Medicinals

Valerian in Chinese Medicine


Li Dong-Yuan's Hangover Cure

Meet the Modern Masters: Shi Xue-Min

Cultivated vs. Wild Ginseng

GMPs and Herbal Dispensing Methods in Hong Kong

ADR Reporting Trends

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