We carry the fruiting body and mycelium of cultivated cordyceps. Our cordyceps is a beautiful orange color and has a great taste and smell; it is different from the brown cordyceps powder that is common on the US market. Cultivated cordyceps has high levels of polysaccharides, and our cordyceps is both distinctive and aromatic.

The cultivation of cordyceps is a relatively new phenomenon.  Wild cordyceps is a parasitic fungus that overtakes the body of a caterpillar (moth); its Chinese name dong chong xia cao literally translates as “winter bug, summer herb.”  Wild cordyceps is rare and is threatened in its native environment, which spans the high mountain regions of Nepal, Tibet, Gansu, and Sichuan.  The wild product is prohibitively expensive, generally costing over $15,000 per kilogram on the Chinese wholesale market. 

The combination of surging global demand, new scientific developments, and the precipitous decline of the wild population of cordyceps has fueled the production of cultivated cordyceps.  Cultivated cordyceps is grown in glass jars in a contained laboratory environment.  In the lab, no insects are required, and selective breeding has produced strains with a polysaccharide content that often surpasses even the wild forms.  

The “underground” portion of the cultivated fungus is known as the mycelium, while the “above ground” portion is the fruiting body.  The mycelium is cheaper and less visually appealing, while the fruiting body is more expensive and consists of long thin strands.  The two forms are basically equivalent in their constituents, and sometimes only one grade is available in stock. This item is a bulk raw material that is only available to licensed practitioners who utilize further processing.

Cultivated cordyceps (top grade): $100/lb
Cultivated cordyceps (mid grade): $50/lb

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